Welcome to Tierra Linda

In the heart of the Peruvian Amazon jungle

Life in the Jungle

Our Conservation center Reserva Tierra Linda is located in the South-Eastern jungle of Peru, where the entrance to the Amazonian paradise of El Manu National Park begins.

A Natural Paradise

One of the most important protected forests in Peru because it possesses all ecosystems found in the other jungle areas in the rest of the Amazon in South America.

It´s about Environment and Harmony

Through our work, we seek to reestablish the harmonious relationship between the natural environment and man. 

Our programs

Volunteer work

Our volunteer program allows you to get involved with all work activities at the Reserve.


Tierra Linda works with biologists, botanists, entomologists, and other professionals who have interest in studying the local environment and nature.


We offer fascinating guided tours around Manu National Park, in which participants can experience and enjoy the beautiful, wild scenery.

The Best Experience Ever

"I really enjoyed my time at Tierra Linda. It was a great opportunity to contribute to conservation, and also to be able to see one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet. "
Jack Barker
Travel Blogger, Maryland (USA)

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