• The Amazon extends along 9 different countries in South America and one of them is Perú. The jungle in Perú spreads all the way from the north to the south side of the country. This ample space is home to an impressive diversity of native species in fauna and flora.

    Our Conservation center Reserva Tierra Linda headquarters is located in the south eastern jungle of Perú, where the entrance to the Amazonian paradise of El Manu National Park begins, one of the most important protected forests in Peru because it possesses all ecosystems found in the other jungle areas in the rest of the Amazon in South America.

    The Conservation center Reserva Tierra Linda is more specifically located in the region of Kosñipata, in the small town of Chontachaka.

    How do I get there?

    We count with accessible roads and a safe public transportation from Cusco to Chontachaka available every day and a private vehicle for the use of Tierra Linda, its workers and volunteers.

    If you need any other information, get in touch with the person in charge in Cusco:

    Ana: +51 982681948