• voluntariados-almuerzo


    In order to join us as a volunteer worker you may be 18 years old or older and most definitely be willing to participate with all that is necessary. The main idea of our Volunteer Work Program is to offer you the opportunity to help and get involved with all the different work activities the Reserve offers. As a volunteer worker you will be able to participate in the following areas: 1.- Farming

    • Weed clearing land work
    • Sowing
    • Plantation maintenance and care
    • Harvesting

    2.- Animals Monitoring “Choro” monkey, “Cock on the rocks” bird, etc. voluntario-puente

    • Opening paths for animals monitoring.
    • Keeping records of observation data.
    • Camera trap positioning and maintenance.
    • Animal identification classified by species accordingly.

    3.- Entomological Research

    • Comparative observation of insects.
    • Data records.
    • Insects identification according to their species.

    4.- Botanical Research

    • Plants collection
    • Data records.
    • Plants Identification.

    5.- Fish Farm

    • Construction
    • Maintenance
    • Physico-chemical parameters control
    • Number of individuals control
    • Food supply
    • Capturing

    voluntario-cosecha 6.- Biogardening

    • Garden beds construction.
    • Seedbeds preparation.
    • Maintenance
    • Compost elaboration.

    7.- Gardening (medicinal plants, orchids, etc.)

    • Construction and maintenance.
    • Planting new plant species.
    • Identifying and elaborating a record of the plants.

    8.- Animal Rescue Center

    • The construction of the chambers for the rescued animals and their treatment.
    • Installations Maintenance
    • Cleaning cages.
    • Food supply.
    • Keeping a daily record of animal behaviour.
    • Animal nursing assistance.

    voluntario-selva 9.- Lodge construction

    • Construction and Enlargement of the lodge
    • Constructions of stools, tables, trash bins, rustic seats for the resting areas and others.
    • Improvements of the trails: stairs on steep parts, bridges, etc.

    10.- Workshops

    • Environmental education workshops in schools and communities in general located close to Tierra Linda.
    • Informative documentaries about fauna and flora of the place.
    • Workshops, lectures and forums for discussion about Entomology and Botany.